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28-Feb-2016 17:01

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Here, 99 texting acronyms and expressions that every parent should know. Of course, lots of text speak will vary by region or even school or peer group.

This is really just to help you understand that this kind of language exists in the first place.

When first used, that word meant "having the power to control the fate or destiny of human beings." And that is certainly not the meaning we invoke when referring to Mr.

We created this millennial slang dictionary to help marketers decode words and phrases trending on social media.

Tumblr, You Tube, and Twitter have been leading the slang game recently.

Feel free to add suggestions or corrections in the comments section below.Read on to learn all the new slang words the cool kids on the Internet are using.Say, for instance, you post a picture of you on a yacht with Beyonce and you just so happen to be Jay-Z.And since these trends change constantly, this entry is regularly updated with additions, deletions, and new examples.

November 2016’s new additions are highlighted and include: curve, GOAT, receipts, feels bad man, and smol.

L&R Love and respect mmk Mmm…okay MEGO My Eyes are Glazing Over MYT Meet You There NAGI Not A Good Idea NBD No Big Deal NGH Not Gonna Happen NMP Not My Problem NSFW Not Safe for Work NSFL Not Safe for Life NTIM Not That It Matters N00B Newbie OATUS On a totally unrelated subject O RLY Oh, really? DADT Don’t Ask Don’t Tell DOC Drug Of Choice SOBT Stressed Out Big Time TWD Texting While Driving WTPA Where’s The Party At?