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Convicted, the man was sentenced to a course in anger management.That judge had been persuaded by well intentioned psychologists who did not recognize the distinction between emotions and actions—in fact, did not understand the nature of emotions—what they are and are not.In some degree, that false wisdom creates an uneasiness with emotion, whether it appears in oneself or in others.That unease apparently has been part of our ancestors’ lives beginning in dim prehistoric days.September 2012: Living Life with Feelings: Anger Management?

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While Zero was fighting Deathtanz, Crea and Prea encountered Dr. Before Zero could stop him, Weil, along with the baby elves teleported away. Weil discovered the location of Mother Elf, he decided to launch a missile with Omega inside it. But all current mental health schools of thought damage themselves by including erroneous common wisdom and resulting erroneous basic premises.