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27-Jul-2016 22:48

I wonder if anyone remembers the Carousel’s Singles Club that used to be held in what is now the Unemployed Centre in Tilbury Place?My first visit was in early 1980, but unfortunately I do not remember when the club opened. We lived there for the first year or so, before she had a live-in caretaker (Vic) - I was about 16.On entry, ladies are given a lock and gents are given a key.Guests then circulate to find a match to their lock or key.

We run more events than any other company and we get hundreds more guests every month at our parties!Trust us to show you a good time and with more attendees, we know you’ll have a greater chance of finding someone you really hit it off with.To find out the upcoming singles party dates just call us on 08 or click here.In fact she was the person who sat by the door, checking your membership card and getting you to sign in. Wasn't this the site of Brighton Girls' Club? When we left we were always asked to be very quiet as the Tarner Nursing Home was almost next door. My friend and I, being divorced mums, found money tight so bought one membership and signed the other in as a guest. Lots of friendships/marriages formed from the club.

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The club was open seven days a week from about six or seven o’clock till 10.30pm. The club had started in rooms at pubs but was so successful Mum opened up in Tilbury Place. She led an extraordinary and full life, to the end. You once predicted my future by tarot cards, when the club was located at the Sussex Pub near Osborne Villas in Hove.

Im a bit of a free spirit really, I know trans women are a bit taboo …