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08-Jan-2017 00:58

The opinion as for the qualities of the real lady is different among men and women.

The fact is first of all women appreciate in other women their ability to settle down in family life, thrift and culinary skills, and at the same time men have other requirements which sometimes are way higher.

I do not pay much attention to the level of education; I would not mind to meet a man who has already got the kids.

I seek someone who wants a long term relationship, with mutual understanding and respect.

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Support each other, care of each other and ready to ruin the mountains, but to make the beloved happy.There is also an opinion that such a creature is a mythical or extinct.Our dating site has the audacity to prove the opposite: still you can find a good wife.10's of thousands of years ago, men began to look for an ideal woman: beautiful and intelligent, attractive and feminine, faithful and sincere ...

And though occasionally we can meet the representatives of the male half, who argue that they were lucky to find that type of woman but others challenge their statement.What can be more desirable than hot kisses and strong embraces of your soul mate?